Guy Yang’s Life of the Fading Glow Documentary Tells the Art Story of One of the Last Neon Artists Left in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is affectionately known as the City of Angels. Aside from the existence of Hollywood with all of its glitter, the lights shine bright night in LA. It’s pretty hard to believe that of the thousands of artists that migrate to LA each year, in “make it or break it mode,” often destined and […]

Dr Angela Wilson
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Inspiring Cutting-edge Coach Dr Angela Wilson of High-Performance

Dr Angela Wilson, PhD, CEO and head coach From www.UltimateSelfMastery.Academy is a cutting-edge mentor of the new generation in 21 century “in self-help industry on the international scale.” As a live proof and survival, she has successfully transformed herself from an unwanted new-born marked with incorrect legal birthdate record lifetime after being escaped from numerous devastating […]


Hiring a Live Band… Where to Start

Everybody knows a party isn’t a party without music. Music touches people in a way other media just couldn’t achieve. As the saying goes… “A picture paints a thousand words but music moves the soul”. So what if you had a special event which required some form of Party Bands for Hire? For example a […]


Nick Margetic : A creative Director, Videographer & Photographer

Throughout history Detroit has been known to breed extreme music talent and expressive artists. Nick Margetic is up next. Not only has Nick been contributing to the cities music scene by Directing hundreds of videos for many buzz-worthy artists, but most notably his work with good friend, Tee-Grizzley is making international waves! His ultra visual […]


Talented, passionate and beautiful – Australian actress Chelsea Ingram is set for stardom

Chelsea was awarded ‘Best Actress’ at the Western Sydney Film Festival for her work in short film ‘Behold’. After watching the powerful film, my interest spurred in this dynamically enchanting young women and what I found was ever so exciting. Chelsea Ingram was born in a small farm on the outskirts of the Glass House […]