Kainawa Delivers Package to the World

Kainawa – Package

For years the slang “Package” or “Packaging” was mainly used in West African circles, but now that trendy adjective has gone global thanks to United Kingdom based Sierra Leonean artiste Kainawa, and his debut catchy tune aptly titled “Package.” The term, which is used in a similar context as popular buzz words “Fleek” and “TurnRead More


BEYONCE! Now that I have your attention


She Write a Blog is a blog about literally everything. From celebritea to social justice. She has playfully named it the #meltedcrayoneffect. She prides herself on being able to connect to her readers on a very real level. This passionate blogger writes with a personal voice that draws you right in. Laughter and tears areRead More


What Defines A Great Business – KOSEC’s CEO, Michael Kodari Acknowledges Staff At Bar Machiavelli Restaurant


As a leading Australian investment firm that prides itself on performance, transparency, and innovation – it’s no surprise that KOSEC’s social culture should be any less remarkable. Last Friday September 2nd, Darlinghurst’s breath-taking Bar Machiavelli was this month’s chosen venue for another stately dinner hosted by Kodari Securities (KOSEC) to treat its members of staff.Read More