Paul Desmarre has managed to turn his passion into a career, while at the same time making his clients happy with their new looks and hair styles. This talented French hairstylist has managed to become very sort after in the US working with some of the biggest A-listers in the world. We recently sat down […]

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Co-director and Actress of the short film ‘Madeline’, Genevieve Mora

The other day I was watching Genevieve Mora in a very entertaining short film called Madeline.  After it ended I looked it up on the Internet and I was surprised to see that Genevieve also co-directed this little gem of a movie. I knew she had gone through the intensive acting courses at Lee Strasberg […]


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Sano Bellezza is a lifestyle blog featuring everything that promotes natural health, beauty, and all over wellness for the body. It has beauty recipes, food recipes, meditation and so much more. You can visit and explore and see what you find to make yourself beautiful. You can also follow on Twitter: @sanobellezza, Instagram: sanobellezzamagazine […]

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The Most Talented TV Presenters and Movie Script Writer/Producer

Evelyn Obahor is one of the most outstanding TV Presenters and Movie Script Writer/Producer in African Television and movie industry.In the last 30 years, television host, script writer and movie/TV producer Evelyn Obahor has become a recognisable face in the media industry as one of the most successful media personalities of African descent.She started her […]

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Why exercise is beneficial for dating Russian girls online

You are surely aware that exercise keeps us fit and healthy. There is another good news – if you hit the gym on a regular basis, you are bound to improve your dating opportunities and to significantly expand the range of the ladies who will be willing to agree to your advances. Being devoted to […]

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Chaplin “Behind the Character”

THE MAN WHO CAN MAKE YOU CRY & SMILE: INTERVIEW WITH ASIER KINTANA Asier Kintana just finished, with great success, his one man show in NYC, Chaplin “Behind the Character”, directed by Susan Batson. First of all congratulations on your show and the great success you had. Let’s start with simply how you got involved […]

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Just Charles Campos’ acting reel and it was inspiring, to say the least. Here’s a guy who came from France, speaks French, German and fluent English and keeps getting these cool acting jobs. Why can’t I be Charles Campos? He’s got everything that’s’ needed to be a great actor (which he is, by the way). […]