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Rap artist Chad Rico nominated at the 2nd Annual GRM Awards Nomination Dinner

Rap artist Chad Rico is all smiles at the Nomination event in Richmond caHe should be he was just nominated at the 2nd Annual GRM Awards Nomination DinnerThe GRM Awards will Take placeAugust 29th at Temple Beth in Richmond Ca. https://grmawards2019.eventbrite.comSinger Eye’z is looking great in a black dress Rapper fluid lightens the mood after […]


The perfect piece for perfect street shooting

Find out which items of 99% of the items will be fashionable for the whole summer! Hat Newbosy hat gradually became a fire in these pieces. From the t-stage to the street shooting, it is a good eye for the eye, and the literary retro with naughty There are two kinds of Newbosy hats that […]

Hidden secrets behind good skin that nobody tell you

Vintage Inspired Old School Tees

Sugaring Vs Waxing