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Diva Styles

There is absolutely no chaos, long queues or any hassles involved when you shop online . You only need your laptop and in few minutes, you are done. Diva_styles provide convenience and the ability to shop a much larger selection they’re only getting better. All variety of  shoes, clothes,bedding,electronics, kids wear, women wear, men wear, pictures, toys […]

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BelVetro Artisan Murano Glass Lamps and Houseware: And the reason you will love it

Have you ever seen a lamp that was crafted with such care and detail that it seems to have been made of by an angel? Have you ever seen a glass lamp molded in such way that it shape and colour makes a statement? This is the presence created by the craftsmanship of expert glass […]


The Bearded Muscle

“If you can’t find the path make one” Motivation? Workout videos, Fitness pictures, Powerlifting, Street Workout, Acrobatics, Bodybuilding You name it I’ll do it! join my journey exploring sports & and breaking the rules Working my way to make myself the ultimate Athlete Follow On Instagram: Visit Website:

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Hott Kitty Kat

Her name is Hott Kitty Kat. she is an emerging Hip Hop artist, model and actress with over 2 million streams dominating the hip hop world. she has been nominated for three awards, two upcoming and one already won. She has a hit song that just dropped June 10th available now .Her Collaboration with Dino […]



Aren’t people interesting? There’s something unique about every one of us, of course, but when we start digging into what makes humans tick, we discover that some of our brothers and sisters who share this planet with us are even more interesting than others. Case in point: Daphne Tenne. First of all, she’s a beautiful […]