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Git-up Women Diabetic Slippers Arthritis Edema Memory Foam Closed Toed House Shoes for Expectant Mom

If you’re looking for wide footwear, deep footwear, footwear for swollen or problem feet or footwear suitable for Diabetic patient then look no further. Git -up us women’s extra wide, extra deep, extra roomy footwear is ideal if you find normal fitting footwear too restrictive. Indulge your feet in ultimate comfort with these arthritis edema […]


Guy Yang’s Life of the Fading Glow Documentary Tells the Art Story of One of the Last Neon Artists Left in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is affectionately known as the City of Angels. Aside from the existence of Hollywood with all of its glitter, the lights shine bright night in LA. It’s pretty hard to believe that of the thousands of artists that migrate to LA each year, in “make it or break it mode,” often destined and […]

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Manuel Soro as the Italian Mobster- good typecasting? Soro hits the big screen again as a mob boss in Emerald Run

Italian actor Manuel Soro doesn’t mind being typecast as the ‘Italian Mobster’- in fact he welcomes it! Most successful actors are typecast…think Hugh Grant as the affable, charming Englishman in Four Weddings and Funeral, About a Boy, Love Actually and well, basically every film he’s ever been been in! Think Samuel L. Jackson, Jim Carey, […]