Clean Hustle


Clean Hustle isn’t a brand it’s a way of life, that promotes innovative inspiration directed towards faith and action to create a world where anything is attainable. We are a local business out of Las Vegas doing it big! Life is about being happy and having fun! So that’s how we live our life’s throughRead More




Brooke was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and since she was three years old, she knew she was destined to be a dancer. Brooke started out as a hip-hop street dancer until 2002 when she won a dance contest at the Universoul Circus. At the age of 11, she started at the Jeraldyne SchoolRead More


Rachel McCord, a celebrity model based in West Hollywood, California, wrote the book, Slay the Fame Game: Break into Hollywood and Social Media without it Breaking You


Named “Rising star … American beauty” by DailyMail in 2017, and featured in other massive magazines and press like Vogue, Forbes, Glamour Magazine, OK! Magazine and CNN, McCord is frequently spotted out and about at celebrity hotspots and the best events in Hollywood with celebrities like, Ed Westwick, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Stewart, Ken Vanderpump, JessicaRead More


Air Patrol 2030. A new feature film


This is an international project. People from the United States, Germany, France, Russia and the CIS countries are participating in it. In those golden days, when flying cars had only just appeared and only a small number of people used them, brother and sister, Nick and Helen, were lucky to join the Air Patrol. TheyRead More