One of Australia’s Most Talented Lilly Dennis

When you go see a lot of plays, films, web series and even Broadway shows the first question that always comes to Americans’ minds is, “Why aren’t there more talented Australian actresses who can act and write and just simply entertain us the way the other Aussie’s have in the past?” Yes, you’re right, the […]

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DTS Canada announced the partnership between its livestock export business in Tanzania with Hemmingworth Cartwright ( Africa ) to which both parties will be part of the grouped approved consortiums supporting meat products to the U.A.E in a contract worth US$32 million .The United Arab Emirates and surrounding states are known to import $300 million […]


The Latin Singer: Joni Sandez On the Sierreño and Norteño Genre

Joni Sandez has just released his new single “Las Mañanitas.” Sierreño and Norteño have long been the genres that have taken over the latin market for some time. Joni Sandez is a singer for both of these genres and has managed to amass a huge following in this market. We sat down with him to […]


Shower Me Blue

Hello Shower Me Blue, tell us about your recent time in the studio, how was the recording process? Hello, hello hello! The studio was AWESOME! eTown Studios is located in downtown Boulder, CO about a block away from the Pearl St mall. The studio has a great vibe, and the acoustics are just fantastic! It […]


Hidden secrets behind good skin that nobody tell you

What does it take to get good skin?  When we are talking about the good skin we are also talking about healthy skin as well. A good skin is not only about the fair in appearance but it is more about healthy skin tissues and cells. So from next time onward whenever someone talks to […]

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Abou Traore: From The Streets To The Stage

A natural star, Abou Traore showcases his skills, performing with the famed company, Cirque du Soleil. Born in Guinea and raised in France, the performer was inspired from a young age through his love of soccer. It seems that being a performance artist was in his blood given that Abou Traore’s older brother was also […]