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Manuel Soro as the Italian Mobster- good typecasting? Soro hits the big screen again as a mob boss in Emerald Run

Italian actor Manuel Soro doesn’t mind being typecast as the ‘Italian Mobster’- in fact he welcomes it! Most successful actors are typecast…think Hugh Grant as the affable, charming Englishman in Four Weddings and Funeral, About a Boy, Love Actually and well, basically every film he’s ever been been in! Think Samuel L. Jackson, Jim Carey, […]


King Femi – “Young Queens”

The track stuns in its tightrope exertion to remain endearingly degenerate while cruising into availability. The outcome is something to view. In its sonic particularity and creativity, the tune conveys propelled flights of complex extravagant.  King Femi The dynamic modules of rap and hip-hop have now come to half and half understandings, each communicating individualistic […]