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What if the greatest of all time was never heard?

Listening to The Knew is entering into a world without space or time, where the economy is sustained by love and hate, rhythm and blues. There is no fame, and the only successes are the ones achieved by being present in every wakening moment, and renewed in every lasting memory. In a counterintuitive approach to […]


A Quick Conversation With Creative Director Adrian Rubin

Adrian Rubin is a native New Yorker that currently resides in Brooklyn and works as a creative director. Born in Beacon, he grew up in the Dutchess County before moving for work. Most of his current projects operate on a freelancing-basis as he continues working with old clients. In his youth, Adrian Rubin often expressed […]

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Synereo to Burn $100,000,000 Worth of AMP

This is really exciting!! AMP has dramatically appreciated in price and has built a strong team that keep the burn-rate low and the success-rate high. Synereo’s long term vision required careful financial planning, leading us to allocate a sizeable amount of AMPs to wallets to be used throughout the development towards our ambitious goals. Synereo […]

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From Italy to the US, Actor Manuel Soro

Charming, cultured, and interesting, Italians seem to have it all. Manuel Soro’s certainly no different. He was born in the Italian town of Bolzano, the type of place that looks great on a postcard, and would make a great setting for a movie. Maybe it was some sort of premonition for his future career as […]

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Clip In+Halo Hair Extensions: 16″ Clipo! Hottie Hair

Hair extensions reminiscent of clip in hair extensions and Halo hair extensions low-cost are some of the best extensions to make use of and if you take care of them properly, they’ll and will final you a very long time. It takes slightly little bit of skill to be able to navigate clip in hair […]