“I have always had a passion for old tunes and everybody knows that. I guess that comes from my grandpa who had is own swing orchestra in Italy back at the time. On the other hand, I am a keen listener of present-day American and British hits, so I thought, I’ll just bring Italian, English and retro vibes all together! […]


Lily Boutique ! Present in the Lovely Morning

It gives one of the greatest pleasure to be feel loved. When someone truly loves you and care for you in a most urgent times. There are always some things that take part in your love and for me is Lily Boutique. It was the time when I was searching for the gifts for my […]


Interview With Talented Artist Fahmi Fauzi

Q : Hi Fahmi Fauzi ! Can you give me a bit of info about your background? Did you study, and when did you start illustrating professionally? A : Hello, I’m graduated from University with Language Degree, but i take path what i always wanna be come, an Illustrator. I have been Illustration industry since […]

Editor's pick

Corlioni – The New Generation Producer Artist

In recent years we have seen an extraordinary new phenomenon hit the music scene, that being the appearance of the Producer/Artist. This is a new category of musician that is thriving amid today’s modern music industry, we ask just what are Producer/ Artists? We talk to one such producer who goes by the name of […]