The Boomerang Option’, An Inspiring Film By Gerald Rascionato

After having just watched the short film titled The Boomerang Option by acclaimed producer, writer and director Gerald Rascionato, I am left in a state of awe. I want more, I shall watch it again I think to myself. It was a story so relatable; it captures the human experience of leaving one’s hometown. A step in life most adults have to take. This film shows the struggles and challenges that come from venturing out on your own, but how the risk can reap great rewards. It shows a humanistic struggle of whether to try and possibly fail or give up on your dreams and not try at all. A brilliant approach was taken with this film, as it centers around driving; the actual act of traveling away from safety and into the unknown.
His film is an adaptation of Bryce Wolfgang Joiner’s short novel, “The End of the Line”.

The story of a young man from the town of Orbost, Australia who is struggling with the decision to leave his hometown and see what lies beyond or to stay in his comfort zone and be destined the same fate as everyone else who remains behind in this limiting town. As too why Rascionato chose to make a film about this particular novel, he comments; “This particular short novel really stuck with me and I found it relatable.


A story about a kid finding the courage to leave his hometown so he can explore the outside world. It was about taking a chance not knowing fully if you are going to succeed or not. It’s kind of like an underdog story. I always found those types of stories interesting and more relatable. This guy feels like he is destined for more…But everyone who has left the town comes back in two ways, crawling back on their hands and knees because the outside world was too much for them, or dead! He knows it’s a risk to leave because he could end up as one of the two.” His comments show his high level of understanding about a characters development and feelings in a production. Certainly a remarkable job done on Rascionato’s part, a piece up there with that of the great modern day filmmakers.

From his Bachelors degree earned at the SAE Institute in Byron Bay Australia, to his extensive list of production, writing and directing works, Rascionato is a legend in his own time. He demonstrates a higher level of creative recognition that he embodies in his films. He is currently working on future projects, one in conjunction with Lionsgate for a multi platform release major cities in the U.S.

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