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Alberto Accettulli: Filmmaking Daredevil

Alberto Accettulli is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker whose unorthodox approach to films and storytelling were born from an extreme sport athlete’s vantage point. Alberto is a former competitive BMX mountain biker who traded the rush of daredevil sport for capturing awe inspiring images behind the camera. Influenced by action sports, Alberto’s childhood was spent watching […]

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World-Renown Private Level Coach Lionza Launches new Radio Show in 2019

Los Angeles, CA – Jan. 22, 2019 – Business, love and life coach, Andreina Lionza Urdaneta, better known as Coach Lionza, will be hosting her new “Ask Lionza” show beginning in May of 2019. Individuals can subscribe to her newsletter for updates on the show that will provide advice and inspirations. The topics range from […]


Seven Seas

Our favorite track out right now is “Seven Seas”! This Dance/pop track is by Vinny Vibe & Angelyna Rose with vocals from actress (now hot and rising singer) Raquel Castro. If you have not heard the record yet go listen! Available now on all platforms.


The Chance To Tell You by Vernon Little

Vernon Little’s fresh and funky hip-hop release, “The Chance to Tell You”, charts on DRT plugged by  Musik Radio Promotions. Q: First of all tell us about the start of your professional career? I was in a local group called the Def Duo. The DJ – Joe Stick – knew a guy named Jack who […]


One of Australia’s Most Talented Lilly Dennis

When you go see a lot of plays, films, web series and even Broadway shows the first question that always comes to Americans’ minds is, “Why aren’t there more talented Australian actresses who can act and write and just simply entertain us the way the other Aussie’s have in the past?” Yes, you’re right, the […]

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DTS Canada announced the partnership between its livestock export business in Tanzania with Hemmingworth Cartwright ( Africa ) to which both parties will be part of the grouped approved consortiums supporting meat products to the U.A.E in a contract worth US$32 million .The United Arab Emirates and surrounding states are known to import $300 million […]


The Latin Singer: Joni Sandez On the Sierreño and Norteño Genre

Joni Sandez has just released his new single “Las Mañanitas.” Sierreño and Norteño have long been the genres that have taken over the latin market for some time. Joni Sandez is a singer for both of these genres and has managed to amass a huge following in this market. We sat down with him to […]