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Laynee Presley Finally Accepted By The Presley Family And Estate

This gem made more magnificent by the perfect step cut in this emerald cut diamond, making it look like endless stairs to the depths of perfection is the heart and soul of Laynee Presley , daughter of Elvis Presley while he was in the U.K. She is true, honest and finally accepted by the Presley […]


Cosmetic and Anti-aging Supplement

Are you looking for best Cosmetic and Anti-aging Supplements then look no further beautycollagen have the best products Our beauty product is a comprehensive cosmetic and anti-aging dietary supplement with important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that give the body anti-aging benefits. Our products reduce the signs of aging by improving and supporting the antioxidant […]

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Recording artist Kelda’s latest projects in the modeling, public speaking, and film industries Internationally recognized artist Keldamuzik alias “Diva” brings diversity into the entertainment industry. She is fearless and has dipped her toe into many successful ventures. Kelda’s first self- authored movie “Love the Original Way” debuted last year in Hollywood during the Black African […]


CBD And Other Skin Conditions

Currently, CBD Lotion is mostly used in skin care products due to the fact that it has multiple health benefits including to delay the visible signs of ageing in women, combat certain skin conditions such as acne and result in healthier looking skin. However, the health benefits go even further to fighting other skin diseases […]



Technology has сhаngеd our lives іn a number of wауѕ, rіght from how wе live, hоw wе ѕhор, hоw we wоrk tо hоw wе receive mеdісаl care. In modern tіmеѕ, it is no lоngеr іmроrtаnt fоr реорlе to visit рhуѕісаl stores to buу thіngѕ or stand іn a ԛuеuе tо рау their bіllѕ. Mоѕt оf […]

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Gilda Garza is taking the international art scene by storm

Garza has been leaving her mark around the world as one of the few hispanic female artists. Her sold out shows in several destinations, including Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles confirm that she has won the hearts of American art lovers. Her fans and collectors range from American real estate moguls to the owner […]

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Leonardo Invests In Casper Mattress

Movie superstars are more than just movie stars these day, for instance Leonardo Dicaprio has invested in the Capser mattress company.  So why would Leo invest in the company?  Let me tell you about my experience with Casper. Being on the market for a new mattress for my daughter, I was looking for something that […]